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Asbestos Containing Materials in the Four Corner Region

Asbestos is commonly used in products today. It is mainly used for building materials such as insulation products for home or commercial buildings. It is a very part of an element used for the betterment of any construction whether it’s an office building, community building, and many more.

However, asbestos can cause severe damages to your body and become vital health concerns for many people living in Durango, Pagosa Springs, Cortez, Blanco, and other cities throughout our service area in the Four Corners Region.

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Where Can You Find Asbestos?

  • Home Exterior: Felt paper, siding, roof, shingles, cement.
  • Flooring : Floor tiles, sheet flooring, and other floor products.
  • Insulation: Vermiculite insulation, ceiling tiles, and coatings.
  • HVAC System: Duct connectors, HVAC fabric, duct tape, duct insulation, furnace cement, and a few kinds of ducts themselves.
  • Electric System: Insulated wire, cable wrap, electrical shielding.
Asbestos Containing Materials

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