Attic Damage

Attic Water Damage in Durango, Farmington, Cortez, and Pagosa Springs

It's very common and many homeowners residing in Colorado normalize attic water damage. Attic water damage can be very costly if not fixed as soon as possible. They are commonly caused by roof leakage. Ice Dams and Condensation are two attributes of winter weather phenomena, especially in cold, snowy climates. Attic damages also happen during the hot fury summertime so there's no telling when you may find attic water damage in your house. 

Often times leaky roofs can cause loss to the attic, damage fixtures as well as personal valuable items. You may find wet insulation, electrical shorts, and content damage, and also ceilings, walls, and flooring inside the home can suffer extensive damage, as well.

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How to Prevent Attic Damage

  • Insulate the Attic with Proper Insulation
  • Use Dehumidifier - to control moisture and humidity in the house
  • Install Ventilation Vents - to cool warm or hot attic air throughout the seasons
  • Seal Cracks, Holes, and Openings in the Ceiling - that allow vapor to move up into the attic and cause condensation
Attic damage

Waste Of Contents

There's a high possibility that you may find issues such as roof leaks which will result in content damages. We all have many of our valuable belongings stored in attics related to water damage from condensation, roof leaks, and mold. BEST CDRS is privileged to restore your belongings caused by the water damage instead of replacing them. This saves you money.