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Healthy Home Habits 2: Clean Air Quality

Last week we started our 2015 New Year series on Healthy Home Habits: Scratch the Resolution, Make it a Habit! Now that we’ve all decided to clean regularly and hire a professional to do the more challenging maintenance tasks, we can’t forget about the unseen, tough to reach places in every home. That’s right, even though you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t dirty. We’re talking about your airducts!

The HVAC systems are the lungs of any home or office. When we can’t be outside breathing in the clean, fresh Southwest air, we should at least take the proper measures to ensure that our indoor air is a clean as possible.

Our sister company, Adanced Duct Cleaning (ADC) are experts in assisting you to turn a health resolution into a habit. According to ADC, your ducts should be inspected every other year. To ensure fresher air, the HVAC system in your home or business should be maintained with a full cleaning every 5-7 years. Simply changing your air filters regularly, included in every cleaning with ADC, is also a huge help.

Air Ducts

What are the BEST BENEFITS of maintaining your HVAC health?

  • Cut energy costs: Clean filters are efficient filters and an efficiently operating HVAC system means less electricity usage. Unblocked ducting means air travels more freely and the system works less to move air around the home or office.
  • Reduced exposure to irritating and sometimes harmful allergens: Changing filters also prevents harmful particles from recirculating throughout your home. Especially for individuals with allergen sensitivities, maintaining clean air is crucial to a better quality of life.
  • A healthy home is a more valuable home: Have you bought a new home, sold a home or moved recently? All of these factors could mean your home is due for a thorough duct cleaning.

Check out local realtor Katherine Sumrall’s blog about improved home value. She mentions several times the importance of maintaining and preserving the health of your home to make it a more desirable item in the real estate market.

By Brett Rezek

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015