Warping of the Walls Caused by Water Damage

When sheetrock in a house begins to bend and curve, it is a sign of water infiltration called wall warping. Humidity, inadequate waterproofing, and poor drainage are some of the causes of warped walls on your property. A more significant problem—foundations crumbling—indicates warped basement walls. In such a situation, it is wise to seek the assistance of an expert from a water damage restoration company like Best CDRS before things worsen.

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Major Warning Signs That Walls Are Likely to Warp

  • Appliances attached to walls that leak.
  • Flooding from heavy rain or a storm.
  • Due to uneven moisture absorption.
  • Burst pipe or frozen pipe breaks behind walls.
  • Rapid or extreme temperature changes.
  • Leaks in the attic or roof of a house.
  • Overloading a wall: weight or pressure.
  • Lack of adequate maintenance.
Warping wall

Water Damage Issues that Cause Warping of the Wall

  • Sewage Cleanup: When drains become clogged and sewage water leaks onto your property, walls can warp.
  • Structural Damage: Standing water can damage your property and result in warped walls.
  • Broken Pipes: If pipes are not properly fixed or corroded, they cause water damage that includes wall warping.
  • Jammed Gutters: Gutter accumulations of leaves, ice, and debris cause water to leak into the home, creating warped walls.
Badly warped wall

Are Warped Walls a Serious Issue?

Of course, warping walls can be a serious issue. Warping in construction materials, such as walls, can indicate structural problems, compromising the stability and safety of a building. Addressing warped walls promptly is crucial to prevent further damage and ensure the integrity of the structure.

What Do I Do When Walls Warp?

Cracks, chips, and projectile-induced repairs can be easily repaired with simple patching. However, deeper issues like structural deterioration or severe water damage require extensive repair, which may require more investment. If you're unsure if wall damage is due to a deeper problem, count on a restoration company to help determine if the issue is deeper.

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