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No matter how hard you try to prevent disasters from happening, they are inevitable from time to time. When you face the need for fire damage restoration, water damage restoration or storm damage restoration caused by unexpected disasters, the feeling of loss can be overwhelming.

The best way to address such devastation is to mitigate the damage and to contact a restoration specialist for effective and speedy assistance. When you need a restoration company in Durango, CO, the company to call is BEST Cleaning & Disaster Restoration Services, Inc.

Our team of trained and certified experts will help you get your life back on track by assisting with the restoration and repair of your damaged property. Whether you need help with fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, storm damage restoration, mold remediation or something else, we can help. With our years of experience and state-of-the-art restoration and cleaning equipment, your home or business will soon be back to normal.

Restoration Services We Offer in Durango

There is a reason the word "Best" is in our name - it represents our status among restoration companies in Durango, Colorado and Four Corners Region. When it comes to fire damage restoration, water damage restoration and storm damage restoration, BEST Cleaning & Disaster Restoration Services, Inc. is considered the foremost authority in restoration and cleaning services throughout the region. Our restoration services include:

  • Fire Damage Restoration – This includes smoke damage restoration, duct system smoke removal, and the cleanup as well as the complete repair of areas affected by smoke, soot and fire damage to your property.
  • Water Damage Restoration – We can fix any type of water damage you might have, and this includes issues caused by appliance leaks, basement flooding, frozen pipes, burst pipes, and toilet overflows, among others.
  • Mold Remediation – Molds are nothing to take lightly. These can cause a variety of serious illnesses and even structural damage which is why we offer effective mold remediation to remove mold once and for all.
  • Storm Damage Restoration – Storm damage can affect both the exterior and interior of your home or business. In addition to restoration work, we can also assist in debris cleanup after a severe storm.
  • Disaster Restoration Clean-up – No matter what kind of disaster your home or business suffers, we have the people and the equipment to help you get things back on track quickly and efficiently with our disaster restoration clean-up.
  • Biohazard Cleanup – Don’t make the mistake of cleaning up biohazardous waste yourself. Contact Best CDRS and we will clean up biohazardous situations safely for you.

We also offer insurance claims assistance to those who are unsure how to proceed and for those who want stress-free insurance claims filing for water damage or fire damage.

We Also Offer Professional Cleaning Services in Durango

Part of what we offer our customers in Durango, Colorado and the surrounding areas are our premier cleaning services including:

Call BEST Cleaning & Disaster Restoration Services, Inc. for Professional Cleaning & Restoration

BEST Cleaning & Disaster Restoration Services, Inc. is an IICRC-certified company, which guarantees that you get the best service and assistance possible when it comes to your disaster restoration and cleaning needs. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and have trained teams to help you achieve the best clean and the best storm damage, fire damage or water damage restoration for your homes and businesses.

Whether you require professional cleaning or are in need of expert disaster restoration services, don’t hesitate to contact us at 970-235-9151 today.

Resources To Help During Renovations in Durango, CO

Dealing with home renovations in Durango can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when you have to relocate temporarily while the work is being done. While we work on renovating your home in Durango, here are some resources you can use to help you get by during the transition.

Hotels You Can Find in Durango, CO

When you do not have a place to go while having your home renovated, either by choice or following some sort of accident or storm-related damages in the Durango area, you can visit the following hotels nearby for temporary lodging:

Comfort Inn & Suites-Durango
455 S. Camino Del Rio
Durango, CO  81303

Best Western Mountain Shadows
3255 Main Ave
Durango, CO  81301

Public Wifi Places You Can Go in Durango, CO

We understand that when you are displaced, you still need to get work done and have access to online services. Here is a public Wi-Fi place in Durango that we have found:

Durango Public Library
1900 E. 3rd Ave
Durango, CO  81301

Pet Boarding in Durango, CO

While displaced from home, pet owners will need a place to board their pets during working hours. Here are some places to board pets in Durango, CO:

Durango Pet Resort
35 Design Center Rd
Durango, CO  81301

Healthy Hounds and Fat Cats
21738 US 160 West
Durango, CO  81303

Contact BEST Cleaning & Disaster Restoration Services, Inc. for Water or Fire Damage Restoration in Durango, CO

We can help when you need to have your home remodeled or renovated in Durango, CO. Our team will be able to assist you and get you back up to speed ASAP, just contact us today at 970-235-9151 for 24/7 help.

Best CDRS will provide top quality restoration services in Durango, CO. Best CDRS serves all of La Plata county with for their fire and water damage restoration needs. We serve the following zipcodes: 81301 and 81302 as well as the following neighborhoods: Hermosa / Cascade, Hesperus / La Plata, Grandview / Loma Linda, and Bondad / Florida. You won't find a better provider for restoration services in Durango. 

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Durango, CO

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Professional, pleasant, efficient and responsive. I would not hesitate to call them again in the future.

Durango, CO

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We had an emergency involving something in our hvac system. Brad came over quickly and immediately went to work, using a camera to look in the ducts. It was greatly ...

Durango, CO

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My family and I weren’t sure how to deal with the cleaning of my father’s watch after his suicide. Best Cleaning quickly took it right away, without me ...

Durango , CO

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I was amazed at how helpful Jackie was when I called to book an appointment for Carpet cleaning at my Mother's place. Even tho they were booked out for many ...

Durango, CO

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This company is the best! They swooped in any took care of everything including the best communication with me and my insurance company! Amazing job!

Durango, CO

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We had Best clean our air ducts. They were on time, friendly and thorough!! Definitely reccomend them for all your cleaning needs!

Durango, CO

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I had a rodent infestation in my crawlspace. It was a very big insulation removal and clean-up job and I needed professional help to see it through. The crew at ...

Durango , CO

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Durango, CO

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Fast response time. Like half of Durango this spring we had an ice dam problem that flooded a room in our basement. They got on it right away and kept ...

Durango , CO

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Durango , CO

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Durango, CO

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I assumed that Quality customer service was a thing of the past until we used Best Cleaning and Restoration! From the initial phone call with Jackie to book the service ...

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David A.

I need carpet cleaning for my home

Veronica T.

I am interested in having my cistern cleaned in my home.

Brenna K.

I need a quote on a crawl space job.

Ishmael A.

I need a quote on a cistern cleaning service.

Kelly G.

I need some cleaning done after a construction job is completed.

Mark H.

We are considering purchasing a home that is infested with cat hair and wanted to see if you could remediate it.

D P.

I would like to schedule a carpet cleaning service.

Bonnie R.

There is a possible mold issue in a home I'm considering buying and I need it inspected ASAP.

Steve C.

I need a quote on a carpet cleaning service.

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I need a fire damage restoration service.

Melanie C.

I need a mold remediation service.

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I need a carpet cleaning service.

Warren M.

I need a carpet cleaning service.

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I want to schedule a carpet cleaning service.

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I would like to schedule a carpet cleaning on one of our properties.

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I would like to get an estimate on duct cleaning service.

Dean B.

I need pricing on duct cleaning service.

Kari G.

I am looking for a biohazard cleanup service.

Rocky M.

We are looking for a mold inspection

Carli H.

I need a moisture inspection done.

Kirk B.

I need the pricing for air duct cleaning service.

Nicole H.

I am looking for a mold inspection service.

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I need a crime scene cleanup service.

Podlesnik R.

There is mold in my home caused by appliance leak.

Anonymous User

Our basement is flooded. I need a water damage cleanup service.

Anonymous User

I would like to schedule a carpet cleaning service.

Anthony M.

I need a rug cleaning service.

Betty B.

I would like to schedule a carpet cleaning service.

Victoria C.

I need a restoration and mold remediation service.

Anonymous User

I need a mold testing service.

Anonymous User

I need a mold remediation service.

Blane F.

I need an air duct cleaning service. I can see some black dirt in my vent. I guess there are squirrel and mouse feces in the vent.

Donna G.

I need my furnace air duct cleaned.

Pinper K.

I would like to schedule a carpet cleaning service.

Jesse P.

I need a water damage restoration service.

Patrick F.

I need a duct cleaning service for my HVAC.

Kelly J.

I need a duct cleaning service in a residential place.

Fults D.

I need a mouse feces cleaning service and would like to get the area disinfected.

John S.

I need to schedule a mold testing service.

David A.

I need a carpet cleaning service.

Kelly S.

I am looking for mold remediation service in the crawl space in my home.

Co L.

We need a dog urine and feces cleaning service in an abandoned home.

Anonymous User

I need to schedule a carpet cleaning service.

Anonymous User

I need a duct cleaning service.

Anonymous User

I am looking for a dryer vent cleaning service.

Anonymous User

I need to schedule a carpet cleaning service for one of my rental properties.

Lindsay H.

I need a quote on duct cleaning service.

Anonymous User

We need an estimate on mold remediation service in a gas plant that had been shut down for several years.

Garrhs I.

I need a water extraction service.

Andy R.

I need a mold inspection in the crawl space.

Completed Jobs from Durango

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April 12, 2024 | Durango, CO

Removed all biohazardous material and cleaned the crawlspace, applied disinfectant and ensured that any intrusion areas were sealed to prevent future infestation

February 08, 2024 | Durango, CO

Installed vapor barrier in crawl space to prevent moisture intrusion.

February 16, 2024 | Durango, CO

The city had us extract water and place drying equipment as well as remove affected carpet.

December 22, 2023 | Durango, CO

Cut out necessary damaged materials from both below, in the garage and above in the apartment, placed drying equipment and established ideal conditions for quick drying.

October 12, 2021 | Durango, CO

Jackie got the customer immediately on the schedule and Andrew deep cleaned the vehicle. The carpet was removed, but techs were able to get the odor and the maggots out at a reasonable price.

October 27, 2023 | Durango, CO

Technicians set up an overnight ozone operation and cleaned the carpets to remove any smoke odor so customer could re-rent the space.

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