How to Clean Up Vomit from Upholstry

Upholstery Vomit Cleaning: Healthy Home Habit #4

With pets, kids and even sometimes over indulgent adults, the chances of upholstery vomit cleaning at one time or another is inevitable. There are just a few items you’ll need to respond:

  • clean white towels
  • warm water
  • some dish soap

Watch Jack, BEST’s Cleaning Operations Manager, explain the BEST way to react if you find yourself with a pukey mess...

Here is a still shot of the vomit spot before Jack began the pre-clean process. Using only clean white towels, warm water and dish soap, Jack was able to remove almost all of the surface level contaminant. This is a very important step! It will prepare your furniture for a professional steam cleaning extraction.

Here is the couch after Jack took immediate steps to remove all of the solid matter from the upholstery. He then used hot water extraction to eliminate all vomit residue. By acting rapidly, Jack was able to freeze acidic properties of the vomit. This prevents further damage to the upholstery by removing as much of the vomit as quickly as possible.

By Brett Rezek

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015