Foundation Crack Repair Service in Ophir and Marvel, Colorado

Over time your foundation gets weaken due to loss of water or moisture. At first, small lines are noticed, and eventually, the gaps get bigger to such an extent that water leaks from the damaged part. In extreme cases, there can be a structural problem of the house, and taking an expert’s aid becomes necessary.

Residents living around Chromo, Ophir, Marvel, and other cities of Colorado and New Mexico share this common problem. If the restoration is not done soon then the gaps between the cracks get bigger. This results in adding more budget in repairing and it devalues the price of the house.

But this is where BEST Cleaning and Disaster Restoration Services come to recuse the residents their misery. We promise the best service for the customer at an affordable price. Our well-experienced workers and skilled crew never let any customer down because we firmly believe customer satisfaction is the highest priority.

Foundation Crack Repair Process

Our team of experts always follows a set of protocols and procedures to provide the best service with full efficiency. The process is as follows

  • The experts examine the whole foundation checking every spot so that no crack is missed.
  • After the damages are marked through proper inspection, the restoration process sets in the motion.
  • Using the epoxy injection, the cracked the filled with new concrete to cover the gap
  • Another inspection is conducted to make sure no leakage from the repaired foundation.
  • The layer is coated with such precision that it is hard to identify the crack part again.

Rely on Us for the Foundation Crack Repair Service

Other than foundation repair, BEST Cleaning and Disaster Restoration Services also have been providing other services like disaster cleanup service, water damage restoration, mold remediation for a long time in Marvel, Cahone, Cortez, and other cities around Colorado and New Mexico. So, if you are interested in the best foundation repair services then, call us today at 970-235-9151 or contact us online to know more about our services!