Plumbing Overflow Cleanup

Plumbing Overflow Cleanup in Durango, Farmington, Cortez & Pagosa Springs

Relying on easy DIYs when fixing all your plumbing trouble can only get you so far. Albeit, these methods are great go-to solutions for simple solutions, but when you are faced with a disaster like plumbing overflow, you need to understand that these DIYs just won’t work.

Plumbing overflow usually occurs when there is a burst pipe or that your sewage system has backed up. The immediate effect is that water will start flooding into your home, and mind you this is not the good kind. Since the backed up fluid came from your sewage, it is bringing all sorts of bacteria and toxic substances into your home. If the area was not cleaned properly, you are exposing yourself to various illnesses and diseases. Furthermore, contaminated liquid may also bring about other problems (e.g. mold and mildew) and thus, slowly making your living environments uninhabitable.

People living in the Four Corners Region (in Cortez, Durango, Farmington and Pagosa Springs), can now rest easy because we, at Best Cleaning & Disaster Restoration Services, can keep your plumbing overflow at bay. We know that this is not ordinary plumbing problem, and only use the best equipment and methods to make sure that your properties are back in good shape. Our technicians are all well-versed with all sorts of water damage restoration techniques – making sure that your homes are in good hands. 

Prepping Your Home for the Cleanup

When encountering this disaster, it is in your best interest that the contaminated water is removed from your property pronto; and to do this we will need your help. To make the process easier and faster, we need you to have your home prepared for the cleanup proper. All you have to do is to switch off the main power of your home and turn off the main water supply.

High water levels may have submerged sockets, extension cords, and the like, and stepping in this area can send a shock into your system.  With the absence of electricity, it will be safer to move around.  Switching off the main water supply will also do wonders, because it stops the flow of contaminated liquid from entering your properties.

Plumbing overflow cleanup

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