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  • Comment: Recently our family has had two major events that Best Cleaning has helped us through. I was 9 months pregnant and arrived home with our 1 1/2 year old to water pouring out of our downstairs ceiling. The drywall was falling down, all of our belongings were saturated and it was freezing outside. Best arrived quickly, did an amazing job drying and removing all the unsalvageable portions of the walls, ceiling and lighting. It decreased the stress of an already very upsetting situation.
    Not to long after, while we were at the hospital having our second child, Best arrived at our house and did a fabulous job restoring our once white carpet to it's intended state. We came home a day later to a clean, dry beautiful home with our new little baby. There is something to be said about playing with your children on freshly cleaned carpeting.
    Thank you BEST for being professional and CONSISTENTLY doing such a great job!!
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